Should you be investing in SEO?

Posted by  Gavin Davidson  |  April 29, 2019

Often, I see this scenario…

This chart compares budget allocations for digital marketing channels compared with the amount of traffic each channel brings to websites.

Yet, search engines still bring in the biggest sources of traffic to websites and businesses. So why do I find so many brands investing so little into this rich source of potential customers?

This situation is largely due to a lack of understanding rather than a lack of commitment by those controlling the marketing budget. There is also this notion that you can just ‘build a website and people will arrive’.

But there is more to it than that. SEO is such a crucial element in developing your online strategy.

The importance of SEO in digital marketing.

SEO is vital to understanding how your audience thinks, discusses and searches for your content, products or services. Therefore, it is quite possibly your most important component when you are developing your online marketing strategy.

In a way, SEO stakes for businesses are high because a good ranking in the search results can mean the difference between individuals discovering you and transacting with your business or not discovering your products or services at all!

Why investing in SEO makes good business sense.

Search engines such as Google and Bing are tools used by people who are seeking information to fulfil a desired outcome. People search for an incredibly broad range of queries. They may search for: the cheapest flights from Sydney to New York; local weather; sports highlights from the weekend or expert reviews on the latest mirrorless camera.

Typing a query into a search engine is fundamentally different from other ways people arrive at websites like: clicking on a link; entering a website address directly or clicking on a bookmark. Searches are performed with intent. A person wants to find information that is very specific rather than land on a page by chance. Because of intent, search traffic is generally of higher value to organisations because the potential to convert this traffic into customers is much higher compared with other digital channels.

How SEO can grow your business.

There are 3 different categories for search queries: navigational, transactional and informational. 80% of queries are informational - people are looking to get a specific answer. These queries are generally non-transactional in nature, although they can include researching information about a product or service. But the goal is not to make a purchase, rather to search for specific information, and when they find it and their query has been satisfied, no further interaction takes place. Although these types of queries are less likely to convert immediately into sales, they are still extremely valuable. Here’s why...

If you are able to display relevant content to people seeking information, and people find your website after an informational query, they may be more likely to come to you to make a purchase at a later stage. Consider that 90% of online transactions start with a search query. If you provide information people are looking for, if you understand their intent, the more likely they are to purchase your product.

The benefits of SEO services. 

It’s extremely difficult and time-consuming to do all the SEO yourself when you are running your own business, especially in the beginning stages as you grapple with the concept. This is why it’s vital to find a strategic partner offering SEO services

A good SEO practitioner will motivate you and your team so that you are always thinking about SEO and implementing it all the time so that your business can achieve some amazing results.