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Creating website content really easily

Creating website content easily and quickly This article is going to show you the approach I’ve been using recently that has allowed me to create website content much faster, more easily, whilst still maintaining a very simple methodology for good SEO, one that doesn’t get in the way of good content writing. How important is […]

SEO ranking factors that really matter.

These are the essential SEO ranking factors that you need to focus on. SEO practitioners estimate there are approximately 200 ranking factors, or signals that Google uses in their secret sauce to determine where your website will be ranked in their search results. I’m not going to cover all of them here, it’s not the [...]

Should you be investing in SEO?

Is SEO really necessary and worth investing in? So often, I see this scenario… Yet, search engines still bring in the biggest sources of traffic to websites and businesses. So why do I find so many brands investing so little into this rich source of potential customers? This situation is largely due to a lack [...]

Mobile only as a digital strategy or multiple devices?

Should you only focus on a mobile commerce strategy? There is a lot of talk over focusing your strategy on mobile only. And here’s why I don’t agree with it, for now at least. The mobile landscape size.  As you all know, unless you’re living in a cave, that people are spending more time on [...]

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