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About Magnetism

We are an SEO company that is dedicated to growing your business by helping you get more customers.

Each business we encounter is different, so we build teams around your requirements and goals so you are able to achieve the best results possible. 


We focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), this is what we do best.

The term SEO can be a bit misleading because the practice of SEO extends beyond the search engines themselves.

The algorithm is looking at your entire ecosystem to determine where your website will be ranked.

It measures user interaction on your website, social media engagement, your website's technical performance and mobile friendliness to name a few.

And the algorithm is evolving all the time. This is what makes SEO exciting!


We’d like to thank Gavin and Magnetism for their outstanding work on data acquisition and tracking for our monthly reports to our larger clients. In the past we’ve found it difficult convincing our clients of the validity of the data generated through our SEO efforts, having an independent, neutral consultant handling analytics and tracking has not only assisted the clients, but has also given us tangible insights into improving our services. We highly recommend Magnetism as a honest, skilled, competent partner for online marketing. - Michael Gill, Marketing Services, Johannesburg.

It is a real pleasure working with Gavin. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes SEO to a whole other level. By following his advice and guidance, my business moved up onto the first page of Google. I am so chuffed about it. Can highly recommend his services. - Christa from Enchanted by Christa.

We developed a great partnership with Magnetism and Gavin’s dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate his attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our products to life online. - Claire O’Grady, ilovani

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